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You Were Always Mine by Christine Pride and Jo Piazza

You Were Always Mine by Christine Pride and Jo Piazza

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Cinnamon Haynes has fought hard for everything she has - her marriage, a stable job as a career counsellor, and home of her own. She's overcome the difficult circumstances of her childhood to build this life, and yet, she can't help but wonder ... is this all there is?  

Just nineteen years old, Daisy Dunlap has already faced her share of hardships, but she has big dreams for her future. A future which is threatened when she gets unexpectedly pregnant and, desperate and alone, she makes a drastic decision with devastating consequences.

When Cinnamon finds an abandoned baby in the park, she takes the newborn into her home, not realising the chain reaction this will set off. Cinnamon must deal with the shocking judgements from friends, strangers, even her own husband, about why a Black woman like her would take in this blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby, but all Cinnamon wants is to do right by this innocent child. Then, Cinnamon's fragile hold over the baby is threatened and she must fight for the family she wants - even if that costs her everything she once held dear .

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