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Afrori begun because I was tired of going to bookstores and having to search for ages to find the tiny BAME section that had been allocated to black authors. Surely, they deserved more than that? It is hard to become an author, it is even harder to be a black author.

As a book lover it would take me days sometimes even weeks to find a book by a black author. It was hard to find all the genres I liked and impossible to find a review of any of these books.

So here at Afrori Books we started to ask some big questions.

What if we could get the biggest book wholesaler in the country to partner with us?

What if we could build a site and provide a platform to sell black authors books at reasonable prices?

What if we could put together a crack team to spend months searching for books by black authors in every genre possible?

And if we could finish it all off by creating a review team of real book lovers, well maybe that was too much to ask.

But we did it.

We have created a bookstore with the largest wholesaler in the country offering our customers one of the biggest selection of books by black authors in one place. We have also put together a team of reviewers who review the books they read you can find them on our YouTube channel Afrori Reads.

In October 2021 we successfully crowdfunded and raised enough money to open our bookshop in the North Laines of Brighton. Here we have a smaller selection of the books that are available online. The bookshop is a great place to browse have a coffee (bring your own) and just chill in a safe space.