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Women Who Work Too Much : by Tamu Thomas

Women Who Work Too Much : by Tamu Thomas

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Women can have it all, but do we really want it? This book shows women how to escape the trap of toxic productivity, build boundaries, avoid burnout, and live with joy.

We have been conditioned into believing our value is in what we do rather than who we are. Do you find yourself saying "yes" because you were never taught how to say "no"? Are you working all hours of the day, but not feeling good about your achievements amplifying your perceived mistakes or weaknesses? Many of us believe that to be our best selves we should do more, but the result is often stress, burnout, and disillusionment. This book offers a healing hand to help you step out of the same old patterns of using success or overworking as a source of self-validation.For women, work doesn't stop in the workplace.

There is a huge load at home that still falls to women—whether looking after children, caring for aging parents, or simply taking the reins of running the household. This is a book for women who work too much. It is for women who are ready to hear the wake-up call coming from within: coming from their frazzled nervous system, from that sense of underlying anxiety they have learnt to normalize over the years, and from an inner knowing that—just maybe—it doesn't have to be this way.

Women Who Work Too Much will help you to:· become your own advocate· feel at home with who you already are and in your own skin· know what needs to be done, rather than trying to do it all.

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