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Trap Door by Dreda Say Mitchell

Trap Door by Dreda Say Mitchell

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100 years ago young women were killed in this workplace. Is history about to repeat itself?

Rachel, a young woman in serious debt, needs to find a job fast before she's made homeless. She gets a lucky break when she is offered a great position in a successful company.

Then she discovers that the building was once a Victorian sweatshop with a tragic history. Is this why Rachel feels something increasingly sinister? Soon her new job becomes a living nightmare. Rachel desperately wants out, but she has no other way of escaping her debts.

She's trapped. Then she makes a shocking discovery. Haunted by the death of others and as the present and past begin to close in, Rachel needs to find answers before she finds herself in grave danger...

What is really going on in her workplace? And can she ever escape her inner demons?

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