The Unforgotten Bantu Princess by Blessing Uhuangho

The Unforgotten Bantu Princess by Blessing Uhuangho

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The Unforgotten Bantu Princess is a story of slavery surrounding the life of Princess Bintu and her two maidens, who were captured in the eighteenth century by three Portuguese spice-traders from Asoso, Babdua Island, in Africa. The princess and her maidens were sneaked away from their captors in a slavery camp in Benoue River, Cameroon, by a British Royal Naval and an American friend who claimed to know the princess's father, the King. In order to save her and her maidens from the hands of their captors, the British Royal Naval made a deal with his American friend to take Princess Bintu and her maidens to Mississippi, but the princess was not prepared for what awaited them. A gripping story of courage, betrayal, survival, and redemption.