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The Reset by Elizabeth Uviebinene

The Reset by Elizabeth Uviebinene

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Some people seek purpose in work. Others see work as a tool to live with purpose outside of work. Where do you sit on this scale? 'An exciting, refreshing, curious read which addresses not just the future of work but how to fundamentally rethink the way we live' -EMMA GANNON, author of The Sunday Times bestseller The Multi-Hyphen Method "At a time when many of us are reconsidering our work/life balance in the long-term, it's an illuminating read." - Cosmopolitan "The Reset is a provocative guide to how we fit into an ecosystem' - The Financial Times "This book made me stop and rethink my relationship with work.

Elizabeth challenges us all to create a new social contract with trust, purpose and community at it's heart. Where we work by design and not by default and in doing so, create a world of work that is more balanced, inclusive and better for everyone." - Helen Tupper, CEO of Amazing If and co-author of The Squiggly Careers Being busy isn't an Identity Perks aren't office Culture Profit isn't all we want from Business Loneliness shouldn't happen in a Community Inequality isn't inevitable in a City We can all shape Society From the award-winning author and Financial Times columnist Elizabeth Uviebinene, a fundamental rethink of how we work and live. Because if we're going to really benefit from the radical shift of 2020, we have to rethink how we fit into an ecosystem.

If we rethink how we fit in, everything resets around us - the work culture we exist in, the businesses we work for, the communities we're a part of, the cities we live in and the society we shape. We can't just rethink one strand of society; we need to rethink everything together. It's time for a Reset.

Full of progressive thinking, and original interviews from Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Nadia Whittome MP, Founder of Mother Pukka: Anna Whitehouse, Channel 4 CEO Alex Mahon, and many others, The Reset is optimistic, positive and provocative, offering fresh perspectives on the way we live now, and a punchy idea for how we might live in the future. The Reset features interviews from:Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London Alex Mahon, CEO of Channel 4Ete Davies, CEO of Engine Group Rachel Botsman, Oxford University's first Trust fellow Sereena Abassi, Worldwide Head of Culture and Inclusion, M&C Saatchi Anna Whitehouse (Mother Pukka), flexible working campaigner Cassandra Stavrou, Founder of Proper Indy Johar, Founder of think tank Dark Matter Labs Nadia Whittome, Labour MP for Nottingham Pip Jameson, Founder of the DotsKaren Rosenkranz, trend forecaster and consultant Joanna Lyall, UK CEO of Brainlabs

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