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The Redemption of Bobby Love by Bobby Love and Cheryl Love

The Redemption of Bobby Love by Bobby Love and Cheryl Love

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A Humans of New York Instagram sensation, this is the inspiring, dramatic and heart-warming true story of family, justice and how we all deserve a second chance.

The young Walter Miller was a product of his time. Growing up Black in the Jim Crow American South, he was in trouble with the police before his fourteenth birthday.

And, like so many young Black men, once he'd landed in the criminal justice system it was hard to find a way out. Soon enough, he was facing a thirty-year prison sentence. But Walter was smarter than his jailers.

He escaped prison and fled to New York with a hundred dollars in his pocket. He changed his name to Bobby Love, and began again - living a crime-free life for nearly forty years, with a steady job, a loving wife, a church-going family. And a big secret.

Until the FBI came knocking one cold winter morning, and it all came crashing down. The Redemption of Bobby Love is an incredible true story that illuminates some of the enduring themes of being Black in America. Fuelled by the drama of a jailbreak and the suspense of a man on the run, at its heart is a remarkable tale about breaking free from society's prejudices and making the most of a precious second chance.

A compelling story for underdogs everywhere, it's proof that transformation is possible and redemption is real.

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