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The Raven's Mark by Christie J. Newport

The Raven's Mark by Christie J. Newport

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Meet Detective Beth Fellows in this brand-new mystery from Joffe Books Prize winner Christie J. Newport, that will have you gripped from the start till the explosive finish.

Detective Chief Inspector Beth Fellows is thrown into the

biggest case of her career: the brutal murder of Rose Danes. She quickly realizes Rose's murder is linked to a cold case she investigated two years previously. The victim, fourteen-year old Celine Wilson, survived but now languishes in a coma.

Both girls were branded with the image of a raven. The only lead is a vague description and a name, Simon. Beth's convinced he's the killer. Especially when she receives a mobile phone containing one sole contact, Simon - and a warning to tell no one.

Then a key witness is kidnapped and Beth finds herself in a race against time to stop the killer before he can kill again. She's breaking all the rules to play his game. But will it be enough?

Fans of Helen Fields, Nadine Matheson, Helen H. Durrant,

Noelle Holten, Rachel MacLean, and Dorothy Koomson will devour this page-turning crime thriller.

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