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The Psychology of Supremacy : Imperium by Dwight Turner

The Psychology of Supremacy : Imperium by Dwight Turner

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The Psychology of Supremacy brings a developmental, philosophical and psychological lens to understanding the systems embedded within the socially constructed aspects of our intersectional identities.

Offering a philosophical understanding of supremacy and its meaning within counselling and psychotherapy, the book examines just how and why supremacy exists, some of the psychology behind supremacy, and how it impacts clients, training, and practice. Chapters offer means and ways of observing and challenging systems of supremacy as they may appear within counselling and psychotherapy relationships.

Featured psychotherapeutic case studies detail stories from participants who have endured the painful experience of being involved in the power structures of supremacy. A must read for psychotherapists and counsellors, this book will also appeal to psychologists, social workers, qualitative and quantitative researchers, and anyone else interested in further deepening their understanding of supremacy, privilege, and otherness.

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