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The N Word Daniella Maison

The N Word Daniella Maison

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Through The N Word, author Daniella Maison reveals the historical and present-day effects and ramifications of using the N word in modern language.

In this book, Maison argues that the N word cannot be neutered, deemed unsullied, or recast as an innocent street idiom. Aimed at a generation who have incorporated the term into their everyday dialogue, Maison expounds the argument for boycotting the word completely.

Whether you are undecided, a proud user of the word, or simply intrigued by the debate, The N Word offers a hard-hitting, insightful expose of a current issue that is right on time in the wake of the global Black Lives Matter movement.   "Truly superb writing." - Dali Tambo "Daniella Maison's ground-breaking publication helps to demystify the term and its impact on young people who live on social media.

This book is a great resource to challenge the 'N word' for schools and youth club settings. As the late Bob Marley said we must free our minds from mental slavery, sadly the 'N word' is still part of the ongoing process of reclaiming our human rights and respect for all." - Patrick Vernon OBE, founder of Every Generation and 100 Great Black Britons

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