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The Late Americans by Brandon Taylor

The Late Americans by Brandon Taylor

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Seamus, Fyodor, Ivan, Noah and Fatima are running out of time to decide on their futures, in the new novel from the Booker-shortlisted author of Real Life.

 In a university town, a circle of lovers and friends navigate tangled webs of connection while they try to work out what they want, and who they are. As they test their own desires in a series of relationships, these young men and women ask themselves and each other: what is the right thing to stake a life on? Work, love, money, dance, poetry? And what does true connection look like, in an age of precarity?

‘A constellation of characters shines in [this] campus-set tale of aspiring artists’ Financial Times

 ‘Intimate, hilarious, poignant . . . A gorgeously written novel of youth’s promise’ Oprah Daily

‘Elegant and razor-sharp’ EMMA CLINE A Daily Telegraph and FT Book of the Year

‘Funny, merciless, brilliant . . . I loved it’ CURTIS SITTENFELD

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