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The Half of It by Emma Slade Edmondson and Nicole Ocran Published:4 Jul 2024

The Half of It by Emma Slade Edmondson and Nicole Ocran Published:4 Jul 2024

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The world and its politics are becoming ever more polarised, leaving no room for the light and the shade. In The Half of It, Emma and Nicole will explore race and identity through the lens of the mixed race experience, creating a space for discussion and illuminating the true nuances of the mixed-race identity and what this really means. In The Half of It, Emma and Nicole, hosts of the critically acclaimed podcast Mixed Up, will discuss what it truly means to be mixed-race and all the different layers that fall into this.

They will delve into everything from culture and identity, to interracial relationships, to adoption, to understanding the historical context of mixed-race people – and ultimately culminating in a rounder and deeper appreciation for the mixed-identity. They will illuminate us on their own experiences of growing up mixed, interweaving guest interviews and insights from people they talk to along the way. Emma and Nicole want to break down barriers and open up a deeper dialogue of the mixed-race experience.

Although this was born out of a desire to speak directly to the mixed-race community, they discovered there is something in it for everyone. Whether you are mixed, you know someone mixed, if you have ever considered dating outside of your race, if you’re a parent committed to exposing your child to a more diverse view of the world, or indeed an adult committed to expanding your view of culture and identity – this is for you.

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