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The Girl with the Hazel Eyes by Callie Browning

The Girl with the Hazel Eyes by Callie Browning

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Politics, poverty and puberty combine in this beautifully written coming-of-age tale that examines the bonds of womanhood, feminism and pre-independence life on a small island.

Almost fifty years after Susan Taylor was exiled from Barbados for her famous whistle-blowing novel, 'The Unspeakable Truth', she contacts a young writer to pen her biography. Susan is crotchety and unpleasant but Lia Davis is broke so she has no choice but to stay and write Susan's biography.

As Lia starts to unravel the reclusive author's life, she realizes that some things just don't add up. Susan has been hiding a massive secret for decades and Lia is determined to find out what it is.

The Girl with the Hazel Eyes is an endearing historical fiction that tugs at your heart with its examination of love, lies, and loyalty. This second edition is filled with bonus material that takes the reader even deeper into some characters' backstory and Barbados' colonial history.

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