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The Getaway by Lamar Giles

The Getaway by Lamar Giles

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Welcome to the funnest place around . . . Jay is living his best life inside Karloff Country, home of the world's most epic amusement park.

He's got his family, his crew, and a dope after-school job at one of the parks. Outside Karloff Country, things aren't so great for the rest of the world. But when people come here to vacation, it's to get away from all that to a picture-perfect place.

Until suddenly everything changes. People start disappearing in the middle of the night, including Jay's friend Connie and her family. Then the richest and most powerful families start arriving at Karloff, only . . . they aren't leaving.

Unknown to the employees, the famous resort has been selling shares in an end-of-the-world oasis. The best of the best at the End of Days. And in order to deliver the top-notch customer service the wealthy clientele paid for, the employees will be at their total beck and call.

Whether they like it or not. Yet Karloff Country didn't count on Jay and his crew-and just how far they'll go to find out the truth and save themselves. But what's more dangerous: the monster you know in your home or the unknown nightmare outside the walls?

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