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The Fit Vegan by Edric Kennedy-Macfoy

The Fit Vegan by Edric Kennedy-Macfoy

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Want to ditch meat, but not muscle? Commit to vegan values without sacrificing your strength? Balance optimal fitness with a plant-based diet using this lifestyle guide. Former firefighter Edric Kennedy-Macfoy didn't believe that was possible to go vegan and stay fit when he first began to think about veganism. He was a committed carnivore, with a fridge full of animal protein.

His job required peak physical strength, so building bulk was essential. Abandoning meat was the last thing he expected of his future. That all changed after watching an eye-opening documentary, and overnight he became a vegan.

Years of study and research later, Edric is now a health and fitness coach helping people transition into a vegan lifestyle, while keeping or building their physical strength. In The Fit Vegan, you will discover:· The wide-ranging benefits of plant-based nutrition and how this lifestyle can enrich your life· What to eat, where to shop and how to keep your social life intact· Edric's 12-week fitness plan to help you become the strongest, leanest version of yourself· How to increase your stamina, bounce back from injury faster, develop lean muscle and improve your mental health. No matter your reason for taking the first step, The Fit Vegan will help you on the journey to becoming your best self.
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