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The Fire On Memory Lane by Felix I D Dimaro

The Fire On Memory Lane by Felix I D Dimaro

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What would you pay to relive the best days of your life?

 Connor Michaels is a broken man. A broken man with a ruined family, a shattered future, and a past he can't recover from.

Once upon a time he had been well respected, even loved. A former superstar college quarterback, a husband, a loving father, and a man admired by his community. That was before the day things went woefully wrong, and he became known as only one thing: the man responsible for the death of his own son.


Connor is at the end of his rope, and is considering staying there. Hanging there. Until he is offered a cure for his troubles. A cure for all trauma. A miracle medicine that will allow him to block out the bad memories and relive the good ones in real time.

 At first it is salvation in a bottle... But the past can be a haunted place. Memories thought to be dead and buried have a way of reaching out of their graves.

 And not every trip down Memory Lane is as blissful as it seems.

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