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The Corruption of Philip Toles by Felix I D Dimaro

The Corruption of Philip Toles by Felix I D Dimaro

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It was a haunting thirteen years in the making...

 On the morning of his thirteenth birthday, Philip Alexander Toles was found dead, hanging by the neck from a basketball rim inside of his school's gymnasium. A note was found in his pocket indicating that a teacher, Mrs. Kathleen Jeffreys, was the reason for his death. Suggesting that she preyed on the boy. That she drove him to his end.

 In life, Philip Toles was a boy exploited by his teacher, neglected by his mother, and let down by nearly every adult meant to protect him. In death, he became just a boy, another victim. Forgotten, as so many victims are.

 Until thirteen years later.

On the anniversary of his death, of his birth, someone, or something, remembers Philip. And wants others to remember him as well. That someone, or something, is looking to hold those who ruined Philip's life and caused his death accountable.
Justice is no longer of importance. Because vengeance is being sought.


The Corruption of Philip Toles deals with the deepest, darkest, most deranged parts of the human psyche. And the monstrosities which exist within those depths.

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