The Calm Within by Mirabelle Okeke

The Calm Within by Mirabelle Okeke

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Jessica arrives at her newly married young aunt s as a high-spirited, fiery tempered child. Loved by many, carefully tended, she blossoms into womanhood. Life becomes rough as Helen, her mother, dies. Jessica tries filling the woman s shoes, hanging onto all that she believes to be true, hanging onto the thoughts of the boy with whom, in childhood, she had shared plenty of laughter, joy and enthusiasm. The one who has left town to join the army Gideon. But as time wears on, and it appears that Gideon has long forgotten her, she tries burying his thoughts in the dark recesses of her mind. And after she thinks she is done longing for him, a marriage ceremony sends their paths crossing again. She erects a wall of indignation against him, but undeterred, the young soldier is determined to plot his way back into the heart of the girl who has grown into an irresistible young woman...