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Stane Street : From Chichester to London by Richard Powell

Stane Street : From Chichester to London by Richard Powell

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Take a tour along Stane Street, through some of the most beautiful countryside and villages in England. Here you will find pictures, stories and tales from the earliest times to the present day. Walk in the steps of soldiers, peasants, pilgrims, monks and traders. Enjoy their stories and perhaps find some of your own.

Built by the Romans in the first century AD, Stane Street ensured the quick movement of goods and people between Chichester on the English Channel and the new Roman city of Londinium. After the Romans left in the fourth century, some parts of the 58 mile road fell into disrepair, much was recycled into building materials and some elements simply disappeared under fields and swamps. Despite the ravages of nearly two thousand years, enough traces of the route exist to be able to follow it, whenever you are ready. Enjoy the journey.


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