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Someone Had To Do It by Danielle Brown and Amber Brown

Someone Had To Do It by Danielle Brown and Amber Brown

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Brandi Maxwell is living the fashion intern dream. Except, the dream looks more like living on the breadline, scrubbing sick from couture dresses, and dealing with daily microaggressions about her braids - all things she's sure she can ignore in the name of success. The one thing she can't ignore is Taylor Van Doren.

Model, icon, heiress to the fashion house throne. Taylor only wants two things: her father's money and Brandi's boyfriend. Nothing will stand in her way. Certainly not a poor Black girl from New Jersey.

But when Brandi overhears something she shouldn't, their fates become dangerously intertwined. And she must find a way to navigate the cutthroat world of deceptively beautiful people before she becomes fashion's latest victim.

'A promising writing debut' - Daily Mail

'Sexy, thrilling and provocative' - Heat

'Fresh and, at times, exceptionally funny dialogue, as well as the lively characters, add to the book's fast pace' - Courier

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