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Shuri: A Black Panther Novel 3 by Nic Stone

Shuri: A Black Panther Novel 3 by Nic Stone

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The royal palace of Wakanda is one of, if not the most, secure facilities on this planet - or any other. So the anxiety Shuri feels when she's jolted out of sleep by the queen mother with the news that someone attempted to break into the palace - and succeeded - is significant.

And as quickly as they broke in, they vanished. The search for this interloper, a mysterious "symbiote" with superhuman speed and strength, will lead Shuri to the Jabari Lands, a remote, unforgiving part of the country she has never seen. And what she discovers will be more shocking than she could have imagined...

Perfect for old and new fans of Marvel Features a badass female protagonist The third book in the Shuri series.

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