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Rinsing Mukami's Soul by Njambi McGrath

Rinsing Mukami's Soul by Njambi McGrath

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An incisive novel laying bare the contradictory societal response to gender, sex and redemption. Rinsing Mukami's Soul looks at revenge as a powerful tool for reclamation when young Mukami's carefully ordered life is cruelly thrust into scandal. Njambi McGrath, award winning author of Through the Leopard's Gaze, delivers this stunning debut novel examining the validity of fury as response when a young Kenyan girl's mistakes in first love are ruthlessly held against her by a paternalistic society.

Mukami is a young scholarship student at a prestigious boarding school. She has a clear path ahead of her, but a deceptive smile, a school expulsion and an impossible pregnancy see her well ordered life hurtling towards complete and utter disarray. Facing disappointment from her family and finding that innocence is not a strong enough place from which to mount a defence, she declares revenge.

This charged novel asks us to question why girls and women are often left to fight for justice from lonely places in societies that prefer them silenced.
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