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Own It by Jessica Jones

Own It by Jessica Jones

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Own It is for the generation of women that have been told time and again that you need to drastically change to ever have a hope of happiness.

For the women who feel that confidence, success and joy are for 'other people'. Motivational comedian and award-winning blogger Jess Jones - aka Instagram's The Fat Funny One - will help you silence the voices in your head that tell you that you are not good enough and teach you to 'own' exactly who you are, as you are.

Jess believes that authentic confidence and self-love aren't far-fetched but actually completely obtainable for everyone. Through Jess's relatable and heart-warming story, tailored advice and practical exercises, you can learn to wholeheartedly love yourself. By working through this book, you can become the person that you are capable of being and absolutely deserve to be.

You can Own It.

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