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One Pot: Three Ways by Rachel Ama

One Pot: Three Ways by Rachel Ama

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Put flavour and flexibility at the heart of your kitchen with Rachel Ama's One Pot: Three Ways. Rachel Ama is reframing vegan cooking. Create a veg-packed centrepiece dish in one pan/pot/tray and choose from three creative and flavoursome ways to either serve it up with just a few ingredients or transform it into something else entirely.

The options are endless - level up your leftovers and create a new feast each day, scale portions up or down, cook all three serving options for a vegan feast with friends, or freeze leftovers to refresh later when you're strapped for time - whatever you choose, this way of cooking will help you have dinner part-ready-and-waiting, making plant-based eating feel even more achievable every day. Transform or serve Peri Peri Mushrooms with: 1. Peri Peri Pittas 2.Potato Wedges & Slaw 3. Peri Peri Charred Sweetcorn Salad Bowls. Serve up or refresh Caribbean Curried Jack into :1. Coconut Rice & Coleslaw2.

Coconut Flatbreads with Tomato & Red Onion Salad3. Caribbean Patties with Orange & Avocado Salad. Rachel creates her recipes by moving through 'stations' in the kitchen, weaving together fresh ingredients, pantry staples, and, most importantly, the 'flavour station', where she adds spices, dried herbs and those all-important sauces to really bring each dish to life. So pick up Rachel's handy tips to help you live a vegan lifestyle simply and deliciously.
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