One Less Illegal Immigrant by Olamilekan Olowonle

One Less Illegal Immigrant by Olamilekan Olowonle

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Like every man crossing the Mediterranean, trekking across the desert and doing the extreme to get to abroad countries, Oladayo was a young ambitious man.
He burnt candles at both ends and ran his tail off in his attempt to make the journey. After overcoming different levels of impediments, he made it to where his heart longed for.
On getting to his dreamland, Oladayo found out the hard way that reality was a far cry from what he envisaged. The land was green, but there was a price to pay; the land was free, free for those who were truly free.
A young girl adored him, his mother loved him, his friend helped him, his family betrayed him and he indeed, betrayed his friends.
Admitting to have made the worst mistake of his life, he tarried at the fork in the road, for the fear of not making another mistake he would live to regret.