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Old Story Time : with study notes by Trevor Rhone

Old Story Time : with study notes by Trevor Rhone

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There have been many great and enduring works of literature by Caribbean authors over the last century. The Caribbean Contemporary Classics collection celebrates these deep and vibrant stories, overflowing with life and acute observations about society. Old Story Time is a Caribbean classic, providing brilliantly entertaining theatre about race, identity, malice, and the redeeming power of love.

In this enthralling drama, we progress with Len from poor scholarship boy to successful accountant. We see a similar but opposite shift in George, from wealthy, well-connected schoolboy to double-dealing crook. Len's mother Miss Aggy, the girls he first loves, and the woman he eventually marries, many destinies are entwined with Len's.

Misunderstandings can be dangerous, and trust and love need some help to win through. With the help of Pa Ben, our far-seeing narrator, can things end well?Trevor Rhone was a leading dramatist in Jamaica. His sparkling and original talent has won acclaim from critics and audiences worldwide.

Suitable for readers aged 14 and above.

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