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Mayowa and the Sea of Words by Chibundu Onuzo Published:20 Jun 2024

Mayowa and the Sea of Words by Chibundu Onuzo Published:20 Jun 2024

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The first title in a dazzlingly imaginative adventure trilogy about one girl's power to change the world through the magic of book-jumping. Perfect for fans of Pages & Co. Amari and the Night Brothers and The Book of Stolen Dreams.

WARNING: DO NOT JUMP ON THIS BOOK! Have you ever jumped on a book? Perhaps not. Most people would think it was a rather unusual thing to do. Ten-year-old Mayowa has always thought that her Grandpa Edward, who dyes his beard emerald green and jumps on books in private, is rather unusual too.

Until one day she jumps on a book for herself, and uncovers a huge family secret …Mayowa can book jump. By jumping on a book, she can harness the emotions inside it and channel them directly into other people. And when the opportunity to use her power to save the lives of countless refugees presents itself, Mayowa wants to jump in with both feet.

But Mayowa and her grandpa aren’t the only book jumpers in existence. And not everybody wants to use this power for good …Brimming with heart, Mayowa and the Sea of Words is a modern classic in the making. Perfect for everyone who knows the true power of a good book …
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