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Marv and the Mega Robot by Alex Falase-Koya

Marv and the Mega Robot by Alex Falase-Koya

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Marvin is an ordinary boy who loves spending time with Grandpa, reading comics, and making science experiments with his best friend Joe. But everything changes when he discovers a mysterious superhero suit hidden in the attic...

To his amazement, Marvin learns that he is next in a long line of superheroes. Now the time has come to meet his destiny! When the Science Fair is thrown into chaos by super-villain Mastermind and her giant robot, Marvin is the only one who can stop them.

Will Marvin be brave enough to step into his power - and into his superhero suit - to become the great and marvellous superhero Marv? The first book in a powerful series of one boy's journey to unlock the superhero within.
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