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Living With Depression by Elaine Brown

Living With Depression by Elaine Brown

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'Things can't be all that bad', 'pull yourself together', 'Snap out of it 'These are some examples of a widespread misunderstanding of depressive illness. It is an ignorance found amongst Christians and non-Christians alike. Over recent decades the numbers of people in society suffering from depression has risen dramatically, and it is an issue which friends and relatives have often failed to understand to the detriment of their relationships.

This is a state of affairs, which Elaine Brown seeks to change. The misunderstanding and stigma surrounding depressive illness makes it harder to bear for the sufferer than a physical complaint - leaving them feeling alone and isolated in their experience. This despite the fact that depressive illness affects so many! Elaine Brown's account of her experience is therefore such a blessing, a message of hope and re-assurance to all those engaged in such a struggle, cutting through the isolation so many experience.

If you seek to help a loved one struggling with depression, you must read this book. If you are struggling with depression it's a valuable source of comfort.

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