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Limpopo River Tales by Daniel Otte

Limpopo River Tales by Daniel Otte

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Jake and Jill are twelve-year-old twins whose parents are employed at the Limpopo Game Park during the 1950s. Set in the southern part of Africa covering the modern territories of Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Mozambique, this charming book begins with the end of term at boarding school as brother and sister travel to their new home to spend the long summer holidays. The twins' parents have built them their own holiday home inside a hollowed-out baobab tree. From there they embark on many delightful and sometimes dangerous adventures, mostly involving the local wildlife which is described in fascinating detail. Together with their new friends Sipho and Thandi, they encounter hippos, lions, elephants, crocodiles, and many other animals and insects.
They experience plenty of camping, safaris, river trips, and other expeditions, as well as wild animals and reptiles who visit them! Given independence which can only be dreamed of by modern children, Jake and Jill show extraordinary levels of initiative, courage, and self-sufficiency. This is a fascinating and entertaining book that will please a wide readership.

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