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Kicking Tongues by Karen King-Aribisala

Kicking Tongues by Karen King-Aribisala

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Karen King-Aribisala brilliantly transposes Chaucer's Canterbury Tales to modern-day Nigeria in this magnificent tale of forty very different travellers thrown together on a bus journey from Lagos to the new capital, Abuja.

Carefully selected by their hostess, an enigmatic figure who calls herself, "The Black Lady", the passengers on this journey range from a wealthy tribal chief to a humble petrol pump attendant, from a rain-maker to a reserved woman observing purdah. They are united only by their dissatisfaction with Nigeria's chaotic and corrupt regime, a concern which is reflected in the widely differing stories they tell on their journey, bawdy tales, sharp satires, poignant narratives and moral fables.

Blending poetry and prose, rich visual images, and witty puns, Karen King-Aribisala succeeds in transforming a fourteenth-century English classic into an exuberant and distinctively African work.

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