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Jalen's Blue Backpack by Jacquie C Hamilton

Jalen's Blue Backpack by Jacquie C Hamilton

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Jalen is a fun-loving, smart, super kid with autism but sometimes is misunderstood by his peers because he is non-verbal. It is his 1st day of school and he can't wait to carry his brand-new blue backpack!

Every day he is faced with challenges and often gets overwhelmed when things are not the same. Mom is his superhero and always makes sure that her son is not defined by his disability by coming to his rescue with his blues (daily survival kit) to get him through the day.

This story will take you on a journey of an autistic child adapting to change, the challenge of making new friends, and learning creative ways to help cope when faced with new experiences.

This book takes approximately 21 days to arrive. 

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