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In Memory of Us by Jacqueline Roy Published: 18 January 2024

In Memory of Us by Jacqueline Roy Published: 18 January 2024

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What does it mean to remember? Joined at birth, then pulled apart, Selina and Zora's relationship is marked by a pattern of closeness and separation. Growing up in 50's and 60's London under the shadow of Enoch Powell, they are instinctively dependent on each other, and yet Zora yearns for her own identity. But in the eyes of the people around them, the twins are interchangeable.

They come as a pair. They are Selzora. Now in her seventies and living with the early stages of dementia, Selina is tracing shards of memory.

She is intent on untangling the traumatic events of the past that changed the twins lives. Perhaps Lydia, who has reintroduced herself to Selina with sharp, cool charisma, will help her find answers. But even as Selina struggles to make sense of her memories, it's all too clear that Lydia is hiding something.

In Memory of Us is a profound evocation of memory, and the strategies employed for illusion and survival in the wake of racism. It offers an often-overlooked insight into life as a Black Briton after the Windrush generation.

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