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How to Be a Better Adult : 1 by Jacque Aye

How to Be a Better Adult : 1 by Jacque Aye

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"Another day of corporate drudgery"

Hope Obiako, disillusioned by her mundane existence as a lowly account specialist, discovers a mysterious handbook that drastically changes her life.

Hope is a master performer, making a show of her competence and compliance. And while she really is both competent and compliant, no one at William Hensley & Associates seems to see it. But what they never saw coming, behind her quiet and agreeable personality, is Hope's drive to "make it" by any magical means necessary.

This book is "Sorry to Bother You" meets the surrealism of "Atlanta", plus some "Awkward Black Girl" mixed in for good measure! An afro-surrealist tale with magical undertones. If you like the themes in the work of Sayaka Murata and the magical realism of Haruki Murakami you'll enjoy this read.

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