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House Woman by Adorah Nworah Published:4 Jan 2024

House Woman by Adorah Nworah Published:4 Jan 2024

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My name is Ikemefuna Nwosu, and I am your wife. One day in Lagos, young dancer Ikemefuna is put on a plane to Houston to meet her new husband, Nna. Promises are made to her – about her education, about the man she will marry, about her freedom.

None of them are kept. A few months later, self-professed feminist Nna finds a beautiful woman cooking in his parents kitchen. They tell him Ikemefuna is his wife, there to give them the grandson they've been waiting for.

She appears obedient, malleable. But she is no ordinary wife. In the Texas heat, patience runs on short supply and the atmosphere in the house becomes increasingly strained, increasingly violent.

Desperation makes people do strange things Unpredictable and unsettling, HOUSE WOMAN is a delicious thriller you will never be able to forget. A jaw-dropping debut of intimate horror perfect for fans of Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Daisy Johnson Amy Gentry. A modern successor to Gaslight: disorienting and disturbing Kirkus Review An unflinching, unforgettable thriller Layne Fargo Unique, bold and unsettling Aiwanose Odafen
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