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Good Hair : The Essential Guide to Afro, Textured and Curly Hair by Charlotte Mensah

Good Hair : The Essential Guide to Afro, Textured and Curly Hair by Charlotte Mensah

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'Legendary' - Zadie Smith 'Charlotte is not only the most influential expert on black hair, but an inspiring entrepreneur whose Notting Hill salon is part beauty destination, part cultural hub with its cross-section of powerful, dynamic clients' - Kenya Hunt, Fashion Editor at Grazia

Featuring case studies of clients who came to her looking for a hair fix, Good Hair dispels common hair myths and give you the knowledge and tools to attain good hair health. Charlotte's expertise is second-to-none and her advice acts as a corrective to the conflicting and misguided advice that can be found online. Packed with expert advice, nourishing recipes and top maintenance tips, Good Hair is a celebration of the unique beauty of Black hair.

It is the ultimate guide on how to:* Identify and understand your curl textures * Promote hair growth and find good products * Choose the right protective styles * Overcome hair loss, itchiness and dryness *

Try styles such as cornrows, locs and bantu knots And while Good Hair is the long over-due bible and how to guide for black hair, this is not just a hairstyling book. It is also a very well-documented account of the cultural and political history of black hair as well as an inspirational memoir of hope, determination and entrepreneurialism, as we follow Charlotte's journey from Ghana to opening her first hair salon in West London.

'This book is not just a brilliant insight into exactly how she became such a powerhouse, it is also an excellent guide to everything you need to know about black hair'- Funmi Fetto, author of Palette and contributing editor at British Vogue

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