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Every Smile You Fake by Dorothy Koomson

Every Smile You Fake by Dorothy Koomson

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Not everything is at appears. Sometimes, even the smiles are fake...

Please take care of my baby. But don't try to find me. You'll put him in danger.

Ex Profiler and therapist Kez Lanyon is shocked when she finds a baby on the backseat of her car, with an unsigned note asking her to take care of him. Kez has a pretty good idea who the mother is - Brandee, a popular social media star with a troubled background, who once lived in Kez's house. Brandee recently dropped out of the limelight and if the internet rumours are true, Kez knows Brandee's life is in danger.

Kez is torn. Should she simply take care of the baby as she's been asked, or should she risk her whole family by using contacts from her previous job to save this young woman? Time is running out for Brandee. Can Kez find her before it's too late?

This is the heart-stopping new novel from The Queen Of The Big Reveal.

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