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Demons of the blood moon by Joshua Bennett

Demons of the blood moon by Joshua Bennett

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What is your freedom worth?

Would you join the rebellion?

Would you fight for the devil?

Would you kill a god?

In a world of gods and demons. Mortals have been segregated into those that can use magic and those that cannot.

The elite, those that can use magic live a life of luxury and gluttony. The cursed, those that cannot use magic force themselves into slavery to cleanse their blood lines of an ancient curse in the eyes of their gods, the Valkyrie.

When whispers of the devil forming a rebellion begin to surface. Four young cursed gang members must choose between slaving for their gods or fighting back with the rebellion to claim a better life.

When the truth of the world is slowly forced into the light it becomes clear there is far more evil in the world than could ever be imagined.

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