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The Principle of Balance by Adjowa Tyehimba

The Principle of Balance by Adjowa Tyehimba

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Scholars believe the Principles of MA'AT (muh-aht) are the world's oldest moral and ethical code for human conduct.

When Kemet (Modern Day Egypt) was at its greatest economic and spiritual heights, it was this concept that governed the lives and daily affairs of her citizens. Journey with Melanin Origins as we share a short story about The Principle of Balance.

The existence of "hot" demands the need for the existence of "cold". The notion this principle communicates is, "I will strive to understand and respect the need to be complimentary; I will never be in conflict with myself, my family, or my community."

 Melanin Origins MA'AT Series teaches the Seven Principles of MA'AT which breed balance, responsibility, and union with one's self, one's community, and one's relationship with one's Creator.

Suitable for children in Second Grade and below.

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