Checking In  by Michelle Williams

Checking In by Michelle Williams

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"I need help." Those three words saved Grammy Award-winning singer Michelle Williams's life. After decades of sweeping her anxiety and depression under the rug-even during her years in the spotlight with Destiny's Child-Michelle found herself planning her own funeral. Realizing that she needed immediate help and could no longer battle her anxiety and depression alone, she checked herself into a treatment facility.

When she came home, she was energized and determined to check in on a regular basis with herself, God, and others. Practical, engaging, and full of wisdom, Checking In helps us understand that building walls around our vulnerability can hinder our healing; we need to reject the lies of anxiety and depression and replace them with the truth of God's Word;joy can be found when we release toxic thought patterns;childhood wounds need to be healed;freedom can be found when we forgive ourselves and others; anda beautiful life comes from living honestly. An uplifting, behind-the-scenes look at one woman's path to healing, Checking In reminds you that you are not alone, and that God is not yet finished writing your story.