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Cash is Queen by Davinia Tomlinson

Cash is Queen by Davinia Tomlinson

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Cash is Queen breaks down the basics of how young women of today can learn to understand and manage money - an empowering skill that will last them a lifetime. The world's first money book written exclusively for girls, Cash is Queen is designed to deliver the sophistication, practicality and fun guaranteed to appeal to today's young woman. Study after study shows that women are far happier discussing virtually anything else but bank balances, and this lack of confidence in openly discussing money matters is crippling the female population financially.

Women negotiate less in salary discussions, are excessively cautious and risk averse when it comes to investing and lack the general awareness around how to optimise retirement savings to guarantee a comfortable retirement. With clear explanations and empowering text by experienced financial expert Davinia Tomlinson, you'll learn that establishing a positive relationship with money as an adult must be cultivated in childhood. Cash Is Queen explains in a tone that's relatable, fresh and fun, everything a young girl needs to know about saving, spending and stashing her cash, helping girls everywhere establish positive financial habits that will last a lifetime..

Non-patronising or preachy, this book is essential reading for young girls everywhere as they enter adulthood and begin the journey of discovery in identifying the mark they would like to leave in the world.
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