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Can Black People Grow Hair? by Andrea Krystal

Can Black People Grow Hair? by Andrea Krystal

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Can Black People Grow Hair? is a book that will arm those in the Black community, who may feel like they don't have a voice, with the bravery that's needed to be heard. It will also provide those in the white community with a down-to-earth point of view on Black life that gives a clear call to action. 

With grace, empathy, and candor, each chapter dives into topics that are meant to inspire introspection on all sides. Can Black People Grow Hair? will require that both black and white people ask themselves some tough questions that will challenge whether the way they've always thought is the ONLY way to think. The author wants people to explore beyond their comfort zones when it comes to their biases, assumptions, and protective behaviors in an effort to build a bridge between people groups that have generally tried to avoid each other in order to circumvent differences.

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