Breeze by Sarah Asuquo

Breeze by Sarah Asuquo

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Being a teenager is complicated enough. Add a superpower to the mix, and it gives “glow up” a whole new meaning.

At Aspire Academy, East London, there are countless cliques and weekly trends, but Breeze isn’t interested in any of that; she’s not like most of the girls in her school. There’s only one place at Aspire where Breeze feels like she truly belongs. The track.

Breeze is a gifted athlete and the national champion for the 100-metre sprint. However, she is astonished when she discovers that her talent is also her superpower! With her power comes popularity but also duty. She is given a secret mission (which could change the fate of her school FOREVER), but to succeed, she must put aside her desire to maintain her new status and realise the true purpose of her gift.