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Bold Women in Black History by Jada Little

Bold Women in Black History by Jada Little

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Celebrate the world's most famous black women with this unique and wonderful colouring book.

Do you want to learn more about incredible black women throughout history? Are you searching for a stunning colouring book with one-of-a-kind portraits for you to colour? Then this book is for you!

This brilliant colouring book showcases the amazing achievements of black women everywhere, providing 25 beautiful and high-quality illustrations for you to unlock your creativity and fuel your imagination. Containing a short write-up about each woman, as well as themed backgrounds, which reflect their careers and legacies, this relaxing colouring book is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the often-overlooked achievements of black women in history..

Including renowned sports stars, music icons, nurses, political figures, activists, actresses, and even women in the military, (book name) is great for relaxation, as a teaching aid, and even as a way to celebrate Black history month.

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