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A Quick Ting On Afrobeats by Christian Adofo

A Quick Ting On Afrobeats by Christian Adofo

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Afrobeats is a fast growing genre, one that has carved out a distinct and powerful Black identity rooted within the African continent.

A Quick Ting On: Afrobeats, the first book of its kind chronicles the social and cultural development of the music genre. Tracing its rich history from the African continent all the way to the musical centre of the Western world.

This exciting new book takes a unique look at the music of the African diaspora and their children, delving into how Afrobeats and its sub-genres have provided new articulations of Black identity and pride. Remembering the Afrobeats pioneers and memorable cultural moments as well as investigating the impact of African migration, travel and modernisation on the genre. A Quick Ting On: Afrobeats provides an insightful look at how Afrobeats became the explosive music genre it is today.

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