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A Nurse's Tale by Ola Awonubi

A Nurse's Tale by Ola Awonubi

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Inspired by a true story Daughter Midwife Princess 'A fascinating story reflecting the past moving alongside the present day' USA Today Bestseller Glynis Peters Born Nigerian royalty, Princess Adenrele Ademola trained as a nurse at Guy's Hospital in London and stepped up to serve the people of Britain when war broke out - facing both the devastation of the Blitz and the prejudice of some of the people she was trying to help.

80 years later, Ade's great-niece Yemi arrives in London clutching the Princess's precious diaries and longs to uncover the mysteries they hold... A richly-detailed, compelling historical novel shining a light on a hidden voice of WW2 and one woman's courageous contribution to Britain 'A wonderful unfurling of such an important history ...

I was utterly absorbed in Ade's life!' Chioma Okereke Readers love A Nurse's Tale: 'I must admit I knew very little about Nigeria, its history, culture, heritage and traditions and now I do...a great debut novel and perfect for readers who enjoy historical fiction full of long buried secrets, and learning about different cultures and I want to make Jollof rice' 'This is one of the best historical books I have read in a long time' 'Incredible to learn more about Nigeria and the repercussions of the war on the country. The writing itself is magic, the perspective unique and the characters beautifully written. This is a special novel, one to cling to and savour' 'Don't miss this fantastic true story! Awonubi not only shares history, she honours Princess Ademola's legacy and champions the recognition she deserves' 'I can say that I have learned quite a bit with reading this story...Wholeheartedly recommend this novel' 'A great historical novel, it had everything that I was hoping for' 'Very enjoyable and thought-provoking' 'I was so sad this book ended...I love historical fiction, especially when it's well written, and this was' 'How do I explain it except to say READ IT! It's phenomenal' 'I read a lot of World War II historical fiction but this book gave me a very different viewpoint...I love character-driven novels and the women in this one are treasures' '

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