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Tales of Jideofor by Farastein Mokwenye

Tales of Jideofor by Farastein Mokwenye

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Could life be but a dream within a dream?

Tales of Jideofor is a work of historical fiction set in the 18thcentury at the zenith of the transatlantic slave trade. It follows the life of a young lad, Jideofor, from Illah in Western Igbo lands down to Jamaica, through a rich tale of dreams, destiny, love, and reincarnation.

In the story, Book 1 of the trilogy, Farastein blurs the lines between fact and fiction, and blends history with mystery seamlessly well, for you to see the truth within the myths of birth and death. Within the pages, you'll experience preserved Western Igbo cultures and beliefs, and life as a Negro slave in the Caribbean, specifically Jamaica. You'll fall in love with Jideofor and MaryJane's brief but beautiful love story. You'll be a witness to the destiny of dreams and how they unfold from birth to death from an African perspective as well as belief in reincarnation. In the end, you might just realize that life is indeed but a dream; that we all are Jideofor, in another face, in another place, living another tale.

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