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Ray Shell Teaches The Novel

Ray Shell Teaches The Novel

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Ray Shell Teaches

Join us for an exciting 10-week writing course with the legendary Ray Shell, presented in collaboration with Afrori Books.

Discover the art of crafting compelling novels that captivate agents, enthrall publishers, and engage audiences. Ray Shell, acclaimed for his work in The Guardian and the New York Sunday Times, offers a transformative experience in molding your ideas into original stories.

Time: 6pm-9pm Location: Afrori Books, North Road, Brighton BN11YD

Course Highlights:
Session 1: Unveiling the Novel
Explore the classical and contemporary aspects of the novel, pushing the boundaries into the future.
Session 2: Navigating Genre
Delve into the intricacies of choosing and understanding genres. Should you discover your genre while writing, or decide beforehand?
Session 3: Inception – From Ideas to Words
Discuss the origin of novel ideas, perfecting the opening sentence to captivate and retain your readers' attention.
Session 4: Crafting Endings
Contemplate the importance of knowing your ending in advance and how it shapes your writing process.
Session 5: Characters – The Narrators of Your Tale
Examine the art of creating characters: who tells your story, why, and the visual and verbal elements that bring them to life.
Session 6: Unraveling Plot
Define and develop plot elements, exploring whether it unfolds organically or is meticulously pre-planned. Dive into the role of research in the writing process.
Session 7: Determining Length and Sequels
Decide when your novel is finished, contemplate the possibility of sequels or prequels, and understand the art of setting up for future narratives.
Session 8: Embracing Feedback – Part 1
Explore the significance of feedback and discern when your novel is ready to be shared with others.
Session 9: Embracing Feedback – Part 2
Experience the dynamic of reading your work to the class and receiving valuable insights.
Session 10: The Conclusion – Finding Your End
Reflect on how to recognize when your novel has reached its conclusion, comparing it to the envisioned ending from Session 4.

Ray Shell, an entertainment producer, actor, writer, and publisher of Street Angels Books, brings a wealth of experience to the course. As an internationally-based musical theatre actor, singer, and director, Ray Shell created the iconic role of Rusty in Starlight Express. His novel ICED, recently republished for its 30th anniversary, continues to receive critical acclaim. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional and elevate your writing to new heights.

Reviews for ICED
'I love this book...' Irvine Welsh
'This book is a powerhouse...heart breaking...' Maja Angelou
'Extraordinary...a modern American tragedy...' Lenny Henry
'Difficult to put down...' New Yorker
'Powerful...original and authentic...' Times Literary Supplement.
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