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My Young Adventures by Jeannelle Brew

My Young Adventures by Jeannelle Brew

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'Meet Mya & Family,' is the first of 'My Young Adventures' twelve book children's book series that introduces you to our protagonist, Mya, and her amazing family. Throughout 'Meet Mya & Family,' Mya guides us through a personal account of what she does and doesn't understand from observing her family members. 'Meet Mya & Family,' introduces us to characters such as Grandma & Grandpa, Tara, Joseph, Uncle Aaron and many more; and sets us up for the amazing stories to come in the remaining eleven books. Jeannelle Brew's 'My Young Adventures' book series intends to teach children about the importance of diversity and inclusivity, and life lessons such as Money Management, Career Choice, Politics and Self-love.

Come Meet Mya & Family for a bigger, better, and brighter take on literature.

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