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Jasmine Breeze by Marla-Tiye Vieira

Jasmine Breeze by Marla-Tiye Vieira

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Embark on an internal and external lyrical journey of self-discovery, secrets, joy and pain with sultry and exotic Jasmine.

Explore the cultures of southern Louisiana, Great Britain, Spain, Morocco and San Diego, California. Witness inner and outer demons via wars of the mind and on the battlefield. Heal betrayals with pensive equanimity whether they are familial or nonfamilial relationships. Most importantly, learn to overcome melancholy memories by rising to greatness by seeking truth via self-love. Life is a duality where everyone must choose his or her personal path without regret, as long as we are true to our unique imprints and we intend to disseminate goodwill.

Lastly, Jasmine Breeze is a musical rendition of our subsistence... hear her songs, smell the flowers and sing her tunes of eternal adulations.

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